Community LABS

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Community labs are collaborative, project-oriented groups that rely on a structured and decolonial framework. Labs will be facilitated by leader(s) and supported by AAJIL throughout the duration of the program. 

Poetry Lab

Poetry is a creative expression that can help us appreciate the world around us while allowing us to express truth in words, sounds, and rhythms that evoke thought and emotion. The Poetry Lab wants to provide a safe space for reflection, creativity, and community through the art of poetry. We will be exploring poetry together but will also offer support in writing and creating poetry in different forms with a decolonized lens. Everyone is welcome to join this lab!

Meetings: Bimonthly meeting structure; First Meeting- Monday, Nov. 9 at 4:30 pm PST

Led by Michael Manalo

(Meet Michael in this introduction video)

Asian American History Study Lab

The Asian American History Study Lab is a community space of connection, empowerment, support, shared learning and bringing about change. Together, we'll be building a foundational knowledge of Asian American history, more deeply understanding our identities, and exploring and situating our family histories or a people group's history within this larger context. 

Meetings: First Sundays of the month, from 12-2pm PST, starting Oct. 4th

Led by Lisa Kau, Yasmine Yu, & Jozelle Wong Yu

(Meet the leaders in this introduction video)

Decolonizing Art Lab

The Decolonizing Art Lab aims to approach art and creativity with a decolonial foundation, while creating a safe space for artists and creatives to discuss their practices, challenge their own frameworks, and share resources with one another.

Led by Ryan Bounphasayol & Leslie Yick

(Meet the leaders in this introduction video)

Decolonizing Education Lab

What does it mean to decolonize education? This lab will explore topics that will encourage us to look specifically at our educational practices using a decolonial framework, whether it's the curriculum, classroom management and disciplinary policies, or institutional structure.

Meetings: Third Friday of every month at 5:00 pm PST

Led by Michelle Yang-Kaczmarek

(Meet Michelle in this introduction video)

Organizing and Politics Lab

Whether you’re a long standing activist or just getting started, we want you to join us to talk and share about the issues that are key to you, how you’re finding your voice and what’s working so that we can all grow together.

The Organizing and Politics Lab will kick off this season co-hosting a community workshop, called Ripple Effect with Asian Mental Health Project and Peace of Mind Source! Join us this Saturday, Oct. 10, at 1pm PST for “Ballot Basics: Navigating the Big Election.” To sign up for this workshop, sign up here.

Led by Richard Tom & Irene Thomas

(Meet Irene in this introduction video)

Mental Health/Racial Trauma Lab

More info coming soon!

Led by Rupa Bhojraj