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Community labs

Community labs are collaborative groups that aim to incubate projects for social justice in ways that feel meaningful and authentic to one's own journey, gifts, and interests.

Join us in January 2023 for our new season of community labs! To join a community lab, please sign up through the link below:

Abc in pre-K: teaching anti-bias anti-racism

curriculum in early education

Facilitated by: Jeannie Chan (she/her)

Meetings: Every other Sunday from 3-5pm EST (Starting January 15, 2023) 

Sign-up HERE

Asian Americans In Media: More than Representation

Facilitated by: Lily Cheng, Melinda Chu, Lilly M. & Nan

Meetings: Every 4th Saturday at 1pm PST ( Starting January 28, 2023) 

Sign-up HERE

Your stories of abolition

Facilitated by: Dierdre Cook (they/them)

Meetings: Biweekly on Sundays from 1pm-3 pm PST (Starting January 22, 2023)

Sign-up HERE