Asian American Justice + Innovation Lab is a community racial justice incubator committed to education and community-building for promoting justice, radical love, and emergence.





People's School for Justice

The People's School For Justice aims to pool the diverse training and experiences of activists, practitioners, and scholars to raise consciousness for social justice through free community education. The idea is that if enough folks contributed even one learning session, in the spirit of mutual aid and collective power, we could create a hub where people can come to learn about important histories and critical frameworks our school systems never taught us.


AAJIL’s Core Trainings are for EVERYONE. We offer them in order to equip you with histories and critical frameworks that can deepen the work of antiracism in your lives and in your communities. This series focuses on aspects of systemic racism that ideologies of whiteness strategically invisibilize: the function of Asian racializations and oppressions within a white-dominant societal complex built upon anti-Indigenous and anti-Black infrastructures. These learning sessions aim to show why all of us need to know both our own histories as well as the histories of communities who don’t look like us. They represent our beliefs and values as an organization and are the foundation for organizing emergent community-led labs for mutual care, community-building, collaboration, and innovation.



Collaborative groups that aim to incubate projects for racial justice in ways that feel meaningful and authentic to one’s own journey, gifts, and interests.

Social groups that foster community-building and provide supportive environments.



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