For me, AAJIL is empowering because it creates a space for mutual care for members to reclaim personal histories and identity from colonization through art, social justice, and collaborative making.


Michael Manalo (he/him) is currently serving on AAJIL’s Board of Directors as Chairperson. He is a Senior Design Researcher at The So Company (TSO). Before TSO, Michael developed data and project management practices with government offices and NGOs, including the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and Alliance for California Traditional Arts. Michael specializes in creating design strategies and creating key performance indicators for organizations. He is humbled to be a founding Board Member for AAJIL. He strives to help with its mission and goals of employing a decolonial framework and mutual care through community-building. 

Monica Chi is (she/her) currently serving on AAJIL’s Board of Directors as Treasurer.  She is Managing Partner of The Trium Group, a management consulting, leadership development and coaching firm committed to the practice of unlocking potential in people, teams, systems and organizations. Monica enjoys working with leaders to get clear on who they are and align their impact with their aspirations. She is proud to be a founding Board Member for AAJIL and grateful for the integrated racial education and community experiences this organization makes readily available to the general public.

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Delving deep into the root causes of systemic racism, and becoming more and more aware of how the symptoms show up in every day is a life’s work.  AAJIL creates a safe place to share diverse stories and experiences, and make new meaning together.  What a gift to have this community and its resources for this journey.

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Reiney Lin (she/her) is currently serving on AAJIL’s Board of Directors as Secretary. She is an organizer based in Los Angeles, a consultant with the Groundwater Institute, and a trainer with the Racial Equity Institute where she serves as the lead Asian American trainer. Reiney works with all types of organizations to deepen a collective understanding of historical and institutional racism to achieve equity and justice in our systems. She has an institutional background in public health, having worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and in higher education with the Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education at Elon University. Reiney is honored to be a join as an AAJIL Board Member and to be part of a community-informed learning space informed by anti-racist analysis.