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Advisory Council

Alex Cena (he/him) was AAJIL’s Co-Executive Director from 2019-2023. He is a diversity and inclusion professional specializing in leadership development and community organizing. His background in leadership comes from his experience in student organizing, youth development, higher education, and diversity & inclusion consulting.  He also serves as the Director of Leadership Development for LEAP (Leadership Education Asian Pacifics), where he is responsible for the efficient, cost-effective, and timely delivery and coordination of community and corporate leadership development programs, workshops, and events. 

As someone who recently moved from Virginia to California, AAJIL has been vital in helping me develop community and giving me space to continue my work. I am excited about growing with members of this organization as we aim to create spaces for people to connect, learn, and grow as effective community leaders!

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I’m so appreciative of the resources and guidance AAJIL has given me to develop collaborative projects, such as the Lotus Art Collective, and regularly engage in community-building dialogue. It’s been inspiring to envision a more just and loving world with my AAJIL family.

Jean Park (she/her) was an AAJIL Director from 2019-2023. She is a Program Coordinator at API Forward Movement, a nonprofit working to cultivate healthy and sustainable Asian and Pacific Islander communities through community-centered engagement, education, and advocacy. She is currently serving on the Sustainable SGV and Parks Now coalition. 

Monica Chi (she/her) is Managing Partner of The Trium Group, a management consulting, leadership development and coaching firm committed to the practice of unlocking potential in people, teams, systems and organizations. Monica enjoys working with leaders to get clear on who they are and align their impact with their aspirations. She is proud to have been a founding Board Member for AAJIL and grateful for the integrated racial education and community experiences this organization makes readily available to the general public.

Delving deep into the root causes of systemic racism, and becoming more and more aware of how the symptoms show up in every day is a life’s work.  AAJIL creates a safe place to share diverse stories and experiences, and make new meaning together.  What a gift to have this community and its resources for this journey.

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